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Support Services

Maintenance, Printing and Supplies

At Unisyn Voting Solutions, we are committed to helping each customer maximize the security, efficiency and value of our products to ensure a smooth, open and transparent election process.

We work with you to collaboratively design and deliver election staff, technical training, and support services programs that are tailored around your needs. Using leading-edge technology, we help clients to instill voter confidence, while delivering service and enhancing security.

Maintenance Services

Unisyn Voting Solutions provides a full complement of services for your election requirements. These include:

  • Service and maintenance of all voting unit components

  • Warehouse services, including storage, set up and delivery to polls

  • Loading of election data software to the voting units prior to delivery to polls

Printing Services

Unisyn Voting Solutions provides jurisdiction printing services which include:

  • Ballots

  • Poll worker manuals

  • Precinct kits

  • Test decks

We also provide assistance for Ballot Management programs. This includes the coordination between the election staff and the Printer that is designated to print all required ballots in all ballot formats.

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Election Supplies

​Unisyn offers all election supplies required to conduct a successful election. Whether you require ballots of any type, voting booths, ballot boxes, vote-here signs, sample ballots, precinct kits, security seals, and miscellaneous expendable supplies, we can accommodate any need.

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